ZUS Smart USB Car Charger and Car Finder

Gearflogger reviews the ZUS USB car charger and car finderSo this is interesting: a two-port USB car charger that looks really slick, has thoughtful touches like angled USB ports and lighting to make it easy to use in a dark cockpit, and also has the ability to tell you where you parked your car. And it pretty much works as advertised.

The ZUS is an award-winning device that does all this, and although you pay a bit of a premium for the car locating feature it's still reasonably priced. We plugged it in, downloaded the app, and when we parked the car it automagically (OK, it uses bluetooth to have the app save the GPS coordinates when the charger powers off with your car) figures out where you parked and uses an onscreen compass to direct you back to the general vicinity. When we say general, it normally took us within about 40 feet or so, close enough that a quick grid search will put you in your car in a minute or two. Note that this will not tell you what floor you parked on in a multilevel garage. On the plus side, since it uses your phone's GPS chip it doesn't need cell service, so hello trailhead.

The ZUS claims to meet MIL-STD-810G, a military specification for ruggedness, but that is a fairly common claim that requires no certification by an outside agency so we always take it with a grain of salt. That said, the ZUS is clearly well engineered as evidenced by the fact that it runs cooler while charging devices faster. In fact, the dual 4.8A ports charge an iPhone 6 (or two) in about two hours, which is significantly faster than any of our other chargers. Ditto for an iPad at about 3.5 hours.

Overall the ZUS is a great little charger that we'd buy just for the build quality. The car finding feature is a bonus that could really save your bacon one day, either at a hard to find trailhead, a dense and unfamiliar downtown urban area, or – god forbid – a big theme park parking lot. Two thumbs up.

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