Zeal Optics Maestro sunglasses

MaestroZeal Optics is a relatively new eyewear company based in Moab (rah!). They have a well-rounded and stylish collection of sunglasses and goggles that are showing up all over, including the Maestro full-frame model. The first thing you’ll notice about the Maestros is the curvy but solid look and feel.

The spring-loaded hinges are a cut above the flimsy construction found on some much more expensive shades, and the frame feels like you could sit on it. Which I didn’t, even though I wanted to; those proctologist bills are killing me. The parts that grab your nose and head are nonslip silicone that does a great job of staying put, even when sweaty.

The polarization on the ZB-13 lenses is awesome, and the amber tint with 13% light transmission is just right for all-day wear in a variety of applications. Zeal even throws in a padded hardcase: way to go! Keep in mind the fixed nosepiece on the Maestro is best for medium to large noses; if your beak is small and/or narrow look at their other models.

$129.95 at Backcountry




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