Wonder Wands

WonderwandsI have no idea who makes these things, and after multiple Internet searches on "Wonder Wand" turned up sex toy after sex toy I had to call it quits when my hand cramped up… from typing, you pervs!

These come in sets of ten, including eight orange flags for general use and two red flags for danger spots. I’ll make a pitch for using two wands in an X for indicating danger, which is a better visual mark.

Just over an ounce each. 1.15 to be exact. Yes, I weigh everything.

$13 (3′) or $14 (4′) at REI


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2 responses to “Wonder Wands”

  1. You can buy the garden bamboo stake ( tamato stake) at a hardwear store for about a $1.50 for 25 and a roll of red duct tape or surveyors ribbon and make your own. Cheaper than pre made, so you can spend more money on pop tarts. mmmm

  2. REI now carries a new mountaineering/ backcountry wand by a company named 8850m. They are light weight 2 piece wands that store easily. The have reflective tape for easy detection at night/morning and have a 2′ long blaze orange flagging. A 5 pack is $12 clams and the bag can be used as storage. They work great ! The are called BACKCOUNTRY WANDS. Safety FIRST……

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