Wiley-X Peak Sunglasses

Gearflogger reviews the Wiley-X Peak sunglasses

You gotta love a tagline like "protective spectacles," and in the case of Wiley-X that's a mission statement as well. Wiley-X has always been focused on function first, but that doesn't mean they ignore form. Their new Peak sunglasses combine both in a lightweight and bulletproof design that is optimized for harsh conditions.

The Peak is available in two polarized color schemes: brown lenses for everyday applications in sunny to partly cloudy weather, and blue lenses for hazy days and snowsports. The Peak qualifies as ballistic eyewear, as the polycarbonate lenses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified for impact protection. If you look on the frame in various places you can see "Z87-2+" molded in. This means the frames are certified for prescription lenses and high impact protection. Serious eyewear for serious situations.

The Peak has a wide lens that provides great face coverage, without seeming like movie-star glasses. The nose has sticky zones that prevent them from sliding even when sweaty, and if you really need loss protection the Peak comes with a nifty little leash. The case is highly crush-resistant, and includes a cleaning cloth so you're good to go right out of the gate. We've never been disappointed in Wiley-X products, having used them to parachute out of helicopters and climb Denali, among other uses. Highly recommended.

$130.00 at Cabela's



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