WeBoost Drive Sleek Cellphone Signal Booster

Gearflogger reviews the WeBoost Drive Sleek cellphone signal boosterWe've had good experience with WeBoost cell phone signal boosters in the past, so we were excited to try the new Sleek version that promises the easiest install yet, as well as the smallest footprint.

The Sleek did not disappoint, and in fact impressed us with its ability to deliver a consistent half-bar to full bar of signal improvement. Installation is as straightforward as it gets, and the process is well illustrated and supported by everything you need in the box including adhesive pads. Just mount the magnetic antenna outside, route the cable inside (easy with a thin USB-size cable that goes through door gasket) to the booster, route the cable to the cradle, mount it up and connect power and you're good to go!

You do have to register your booster with your wireless provider, but that's easy enough to do online. The only thing left is to put your phone in field test mode and experiment with antenna location. Generally as high as possible and on top of a nice flat metal surface that will act as a ground plane, i.e. dead center on the roof, but other locations are often more convenient and can be made to work.

Overall we find the WeBoost Drive Sleek to be a great blend of performance for marginal areas where you find yourself wishing you had jussssst a bit more signal. As usual, a signal booster can't make something out of nothing so you need at least a weak signal to start with, but if you need that little extra oomph check out WeBoost.

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