Weatherproof Premium Outdoor Crew Socks

Gearflogger reviews Weatherproof Premium Outdoor Crew Socks

Buying socks can be a painful experience, given the cost of a single decent pair can approach $20 or more. Enter Costco, purveyor of generally high-quality products at warehouse prices. We've seen really good deals on Black Diamond packs and Patagonia down jackets at Costco, but our latest find may be the best yet: a 4-pack of decent outdoor socks for $9.99.

There are actually three different color combos you can buy: all black, 2 blue/2 gray, and 2 brown/2 olive. The sock construction is on the light side of medium weight, the fit mid-calf, both perfect for a wide range of conditions and suitable for office wear to boot.

Materials are 46% Acrylic, 20% Polyester, 16% Wool, 13% Cotton, 3% Rubber and 2% Spandex. We got one pack of each color, and they seem tough enough after a month of wear. A dozen pairs of socks for under $30, you just can't beat that.

$9.99 at Costco



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