UTTy Gear Storage Strap

Gearflogger reviews the UTTy gear storage strapWe almost took a pass on reviewing the UTTy, and we'll be the first to admit that would have been a mistake. It just seemed too simple: a four-foot strap of one-inch wide nylon with four double hooks that slide up and down and lock in place. Seems like a yawner, right?

It's not. The day it arrived we hung it up next to our gear area, and there it has stayed to organize hiking gear and packs for all our outings. Normally for gear organization we tack up a 2×4 and screw some hooks into it, but wood is expensive these days and once it's in place it's a pain to move or customize without rearranging everything. The UTTy lets us easily reconfigure the hooks up and down the strap – it's just like a fastex buckle, except with a cam lock. As we sort gear for whatever the next mission is we just hang it on the strap: bear spray, medical kits, trekking poles, food bags, clothes, climbing gear, you name it.

The UTTy is just a better solution than 2x4s, at least for light to medium weight gear. It's designed to support 8lb per hook – 16lb per double hook – and 75lb total on the strap. We are pushing it significantly beyond that limit at the moment with no problems, but probably best to stay within those specs. The whole unit weighs jus 5.4 ounces, so it's a great portable solution as well, especially if you know you're going to be somewhere where gear gets wet and needs to hang dry.

There are basically three versions of the UTTy, all with a 4' strap: the UTTy (4 double hooks), the UTTy Hockey (6 double hooks), and the UTTy Van (4 double hooks and a grommet for a biner, so you can run it horizontally to stow it). They are all dead simple to use, and the only improvement we can think of would be if they sold just the hooks, so you could add them to your own 1 inch webbing. Also, some different styles of hangers, for example ones designed to hang from a horizontal strap or to clamp instead of hook. We're sure UTTy is on the job coming up with more customization options, but for now it's just a great way to organize anything you can hang on a hook, either at home or on the trail.

From $35.00 at UTTy


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