Under Armour Streaker Run Quarter Zip Shirt

Gearflogger reviews the Under Armour Streaker Run Quarter Zip shirt

Under Armour deserves recognition, if for no other reason than successfully maintaining the British "ou" in their name in the American market. That aside, their gear deserves consideration by anyone who needs to keep their cool outdoors, and their Streaker Run Quarter Zip long sleeve delivers.

The Streaker – and c'mon, give it up for the name! – starts out with a great fit. It's not too clingy, not too loose, and the flat seams mean no chafing no matter how much you writhe. And we know you like to writhe, so stop it for a moment. The zip is the perfect depth as well, about 8 or 9 inches. We'll let you make your own comparisons. The material is UPF 30, and there's a full-length zipper flap and a neck protector at the top: check, check and check.

What's different about the Streaker is the light reflecting logos and stitching to help keep you safer in low light traffic. Bonus! Yet the ultimate test is, of course, funk resistance. We're happy to report that the Streaker tapped our skank out with no problems. We've always held that a lightweight quarter zip long sleeve shirt with some degree of sun protection is an essential piece of gear in any outdoor wardrobe. The Streaker may cost a bit more than the average shirt in this format, but it's a quality piece and the reflectivity is smart.

$54.99 at Under Armour


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