Ultimate Direction Strider women’s waist pack

StriderAfter discarding a few other LOTR-themed fantasy names like "Gollum" the folks at Ultimate Direction settled on Strider for their runner’s waist pack. This itsy-bitsy women-specific belt pack tips the scales at just over 7oz, so the SheFlogger will no longer be able to blame the man for keepin’ her down.

The Strider is stocked with coolness, starting with the bottle: the FDA-approved polyethylene is an easy squeezer, the rigid finger loop gives you full control for pulling it out or sticking it in, and the very clever off-center valve is 100% mouth-operated. Sounds like a Japanese sex robot, but this one is top-rack safe in the dishwasher. Try that with Aibo.

There are three pockets on the pack: a forward-canted mesh bottle pocket, a zippered pouch with key hook for phones/keys/wallets/etc., and a middle open pocket perfect for gel or energy bars. The Strider even has reflective piping and an antimicrobial finish. What really pushed my gimmick button: the elastic strap keepers. A quick twist with one finger and the excess strappage is wired tight. It’s difficult to explain, just look at it carefully when you buy it to see how it’s done. We’ve seen a lot of strap keeper solutions over the years, and we want these on all our monster packs now!

$31.00 at REI


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