Tuffy Console Safe for Jeep Wrangler

Gearflogger reviews the Tuffy Console Safe for Jeep WranglerSo you like to go topless in your Jeep, well we encourage that. We also encourage the use of secure storage options inside your Jeep for peace of mind while you're off doing your thing. Tuffy knows secure storage, and chances are that whatever space you want to secure in your Jeep, they have a solution. One obvious area the can use a security upgrade is the center console, so we took a look at the Tuffy Console Safe for 2011-18 Wrangler JKs.

The safe is basically a lockbox you slide into your center console. It's made of 16 gauge steel, about 1/8 inch thick, with a nice powder coating to prevent rust. Install is very straightforward and takes less 30-60 minutes. Remove the rear trim piece above the rear cupholders, disconnect the rear window wiring connectors, unscrew the four T20 torx screws and remove the lid and the upper tray, which you won't be able to put back in. Slide in the Console Safe and either reassemble everything, or for extra security – and why wouldn't you want that? – mark two holes as per the instructions, remove the safe and drill those holes out. Put the safe back in, tighten the bolts and you're good to go.

We were expecting a basic steel box, but Tuffy is serious about their products and they put a lot of thought into both tamper resistance and usability. The ten-tumbler keyed lock comes with a pair of keys so you can keep a spare for when – we mean if! if! you lose one… The hinge is welded and has a pin lock, so it would be hard to damage and you can't easily tap it out. On our 2012 Rubicon we have a cigarette adapter and USB port on the inside, and both are still easily accessible in the Console Safe. There is a small shelf along the driver side top of the safe, which is handy for small items. Tuffy even thought of noise reduction, and they include two small stick-on rubber bumpers to isolate vibration between the metal lid and the safe body, and another pair to put on the console armrest where it meets the safe. Nicely done!

You do lose the inner shallow tray and about a quarter of the width of the storage area, but there is still plenty of room to secure phones, wallets, even a medium size handgun and bear spray canister. All in all we feel its a worthwhile tradeoff to prevent any kind of casual smash and grab, as well as keep the odd non-child-safe item away from prying little hands when you're briefly out of the vehicle. If you're really serious about secure storage, Tuffy also makes a full center console replacement, but for most of us the Console Safe is the way to go.

$134.00 at Tuffy




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