TRTL BOT minimalist iPhone case

GearFlogger reviews the TRTL BOT minimalist iPhone case

Our phones go everywhere with us these days, including into the backcountry. Sometimes you don't need a full-on armored case because you're just going for a light hike or a run, and for those times – and your daily life as well – the TRTL BOT minimalist iPhone case is just the ticket.

This thing arrived in the mail some months ago, and being a long-time wallet minimalist I gravitated to it immediately. The minimalist will take two thick or three thin cards, which is perfect for me because I typically just carry a driver's license and credit card. The cards stay secure in the case, just thumb it out when you need it.

The hard plastic minimalist does not provide much in the way of protection from drops or impacts, and there is not screen protection, but it does give a layer of defense against normal scratches and the like. The point of it is simply to attach a couple of cards to your phone without interfering with the functionality of the phone, and it does that perfectly.

There's a feel-good bonus too: TRTL BOT cases are made from recycled plastic bottles, and they are a member of 1% for the Planet. It's made in the good ole USA too, and even the packaging is minimalist, just a plain white box. Ironically, the only place you'll feel the pain is in your own wallet, as the price is on the steep side.

$29.95 at TRTL BOT


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