TrailKeg Half Gallon Insulated Growler and Tap

Gearflogger reviews the TrailKeg Half Gallon insulated growler and tapWe're huge fans of the TrailKeg gallon growler, and if you had asked us if there was room to improve we'd have told you to back off and not mess with perfection. However! No one asked us and they did mess with perfection and the result is… more perfectionabulation, in the form of the TrailKeg half gallon with improved dip tube.

The basics are still the same: a double-wall, stainless steel growler, just in 64oz instead of the full G. Perfect for passing out smaller pours in gatherings where just a taste will do, or sharing a couple of full pints with a friend. There's just a better feel to it when you're working a tap for those pours, not to mention you don't have to worry about unused beer – yes, we've heard of it – going skunky.

The growler itself is a cut above, with impeccable manufacturing quality that includes thicker walls, so throw it in your pack or on the raft and don't worry about it. The tap and regulator are still bombproof, and the critical part of the half gallon that's been redesigned is the dip tube, which is where your pour starts. It now features a restrictor attachment that allows the storage pressure to be the same as your serving pressure, meaning a better pour every time. We compared both – we know, hard duty! – and you can clearly see the difference.

So, to recap: cold beer, on tap, anywhere, with a perfect pour. TrailKeg even includes a couple of CO2 cylinders to get you started, so the only difficult thing about owning a TrailKeg is explaining to everyone who sees it what it is and where they can get one. What are you waiting for?

$149.99 at TrailKeg




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