TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat

Ponytail I know the SheFlogger has at least one eye in the back of her head, so when I saw the TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat with the hole in the back I figured it was made just for her. Imagine my surprise when she pulled it on and promptly stuffed her ponytail through it. Suddenly the name made sense.

TrailHeads makes all kinds of headgear for the single-horned among us. Disclaimer: if you have a Y chromosome and are caught wearing one of these we are not responsible for the ass-beating you will at some point undoubtedly receive. For the SheFloggers, you are in luck because this hat not only works as designed, it's well-constructed of midweight Polartec Thermal Pro fleece.

It's one size fits all, and the stretch will make it work for all but the serious brainiacs out there. Well-designed, stylish with quality construction and reasonably priced. Sounds like someone is getting out of the doghouse!

$26.00 at Amazon




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