TrailHeads Be-Seen Pocket Hat

GearFlogger reviews the TrailHeads Be-Seen Pocket hat While we're on the subject of perverts and their nasty little running habits that they don't even have the good sense to hide in public, the least we can do is make them easily identifiable for when the inevitable time comes to arrest them and take them in for questioning, slum-dog style, with electrodes to the nipples. Ah, to be king.

TrailHeads makes some well-thought-out fleece headwear for exactly this purpose, and for that they are awarded the GearFlogger Good Public Citizen Award for 2009. The Be-Seen Pocket Hat points the bright light of justice at runners, with a 360 degree reflective band and additional reflective piping around the zipper.

A zipper on a hat? Yes indeed, to secure the small tracking devices we will one day require all runners to wear at all times to make sure they're not going near places where small children congregate. Plus they can put their credit cards and stuff in there. Even perverts need credit cards. Don't ask why.

$26.00 at TrailHeads



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