Thule T2 hitch mount bike rack

Thulet2 Thule is the best thing to come out of Sweden since the Swedish Chef: Bork bork bork! If you have something you need to stow on your car, Thule can hook you up: bikes, boards, skis, boats, dead bodies. Yeah, it's true, they make a coffin thing that mounts on the roof. I used it recently when a PowerPoint presentation went horribly awry.

Only slightly less useful than the roof-mounted coffin is the hitch-mounted T2 bike rack, for two bikes with an available extension for two more. I like tray-style hitch mounts because you don't have to break the bike down or worry about your rear suspension getting hung up. The T2 is easy to load, just lift and latch. The rails are fully adjustable, it'll hold 29ers and fat tires, and the whole thing folds up and down easily. It's not clear from the product description, but take out a pin and the whole thing folds down with the bikes on it and I can lift the entire back door on my Ford Escape; pretty trick!

Available for both 2" and 1.25" hitch receivers, and capable of up to 100lb. the T2 assembles in about 30 minutes of drinking and swearing, or even faster if you're competent with the included tools and sober. Locks are not included but are an inexpensive add-on, and you can buy cores that match keys you already have. Nicely done, Thule.

$369.00 at REI




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  1. I’ve been finding recently that Sweden is increasingly making inroads into the Car rack and bike rack market. Their products are absolutely top notch. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

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