The Total Outdoorsman Manual by T. Edward Nickens

GearFlogger reviews The Total Outdoorsman by T. Edward Nickens

Did you know the best time to drink your own urine is later in the day? Yeah, evidently morning urine tastes… worse… This is just one nugget of wisdom from a great new read edited by T. Edward Nickens and other Field & Stream editors, The Total Outdoorsman Manual: 374 Skills You Need.

F&S has been a staple of bathrooms, doctor's offices and other places where time goes to die for eons. Maybe for aeons. I don't know, I'm not a scientist, dammit. Anyway, something that lasts as long as Keith Richards must have some value. In TTOM you have the condensed outdoor wisdom of the ages in four categories: camping, fishing, hunting and survival.

You're guaranteed to find out something you don't know paging through TTOM. For example, I learned that you can skin a deer with a golf ball and a trailer hitch. Overall it's just a fun read, and you'll find yourself wanting to try some of the more inventive tricks. OK, maybe not the evening piss toddy, but the other stuff.

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