The Prepper’s Medical Handbook

Gearflogger reviews The Prepper's Medical Handbook  by William Forgey  M.D.And speaking of timely, this title from William Forgey, M.D., certainly fits the bill. The Prepper's Medical Handbook is a very handy one-volume reference for anyone who wants to be prepared to solve their own medical emergencies, written by someone who knows what's what. Forgey is a full-time doctor of family medicine, past president of the Wilderness Medical Society, author of a number of wilderness medicine books (including Wilderness Medicine 7th Edition from Falcon, a favorite of ours and upon which TPMH is based) and a decorated combat veteran. So yeah, let's go with this guy.

TPMH has prepper in the title, but this is a good resource for anyone to have at home. These days when most of us are practicing social distancing even if we're not in outright quarantine, it certainly doesn't hurt to be prepared. And let's face it, being able to look up a condition in the table of contents or index and flip to the appropriate page can be much quicker than finding – and vetting! – a piece of internet advice. Assuming your internet connection is up, that is.

Organization is the strong point of TPMH. Right off the bat the author tells you how to use the book: start with your initial assessment (pages 6-8) and progress to your focused assessment (pages 8-9). These pages include redirects to appropriate treatment options, and there are additional diagnostic aids in each chapter. Need more? At the end there's a Clinical Reference Index that allows you to cross-reference symptoms, conditions and treatments.

We won't go into detail on the various sections, suffice it to say it's all in there and well-organized to boot. The last chapter will be of particular interest to gearheads as it covers the assembly of an off-grid medical kit. Forgey starts off the chapter with a quick word about alternative medicine: in short, he sees some value there but it's too complicated and environment-specific to cover in any detail, so he focuses on what you can get from the grid to prepare for when there is no grid. He takes a modular approach, with five different "sub-kits" for topical bandaging, non-Rx oral medication, Rx oral/topical medication, Rx injectable medication and Rx cardiac medication. For each module Forgey shows what you'd need for a bug-out bag (2 weeks), settlement stock (1 year) and 5-year supply.

For the price there's no reason you shouldn't have this book at home, ready to grab when you need it. You'll find yourself consulting it early and often, and that its utility extends far beyond TEOTWAWKI.

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