Teva Zilch sandals

GearFlogger reviews the Teva Zilch sandal

And now for something completely ridiculous: the Teva Zilch sandal. When it showed up we thought, no way, it's too minimalist, it will be too uncomfortable and will fall apart.

Well, no, no and no. The Zilch is the awesomest. It fits like a glove, feels like it has way more cushioning than it possibly could have, and it deals with everything from water to pavement just fine.

We've not been a big fan of toe loops before, having tried some popular models and not liked them, but for some reason the Zilch just fits. The toe loop has a bit of elasticity so that we just forgot it was there. Sizing seems right to us too, as does strap placement. OK, perhaps they could move the rear heel strap just a smidge forward, but that hasn't stopped the Zilch from becoming our go-to sandal for just about everything this summer.

$55.93 (on sale from $80.00) at REI



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