TerraLUX LightStar flashlights

GearFlogger reviews the TerraLUX LightStar flashlightsNow arriving in a comely GearFlogger-ish orange, among other classy colors, the TerraLUX LightStars (model 300 pictured) are aircraft-grade aluminum-clad light sabers. OK, they won't cut metal, start fires or cauterize bloody stumps, but they will light up your next adventure.

We tested two models, the LightStar300 and LightStar80, each named after their light output in lumens. Both units have tail cap buttons and belt/hat clips, the latter also handy for keeping the lights from rolling off a flat surface. The 300 is an inch by six inches and includes a wrist lanyard. The 300 runs on two AA batteries and has dual modes: 300 lumens (3 hours runtime) and 100 lumens (24 hours), accessible by lightly depressing the tail cap. The light beam is wide and white, great for area illumination.

The LightStar80 is a beefy penlight, about a half inch by five and a half inches. Instead of a lanyard there's a bite grip, a rubber sleeve at the tail end of the flashlight that allows you to hold it in your teeth comfortably. You'll still slobber like a asylum escapee, but it's surprising how often you do end up using it. The 80 runs its single output setting on two AAA batteries for five hours. The yellow-hued light is described as "high CRI" or color-rendering index, to allow the user to better distinguish colors (is that a yellow wire or a red wire? Hmm… *clip. BOOM*).

The lights are water resistant, with tight fit and finish, but not designed for truly wet applications. If you're looking for a rugged, compact light with great light output, good battery life and superior ergonomics, check out the LightStar line from TerraLUX.

LightStar300 $36.99 at Amazon
LightStar80 $18.42 at Amazon




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