Tani Thermaluxe Base Layer Underwear

Gearflogger reviews Tani Thermaluxe underwear

OK you coffee addicts, here's a way to get even closer to your habit: wear your beans, and not just on your sleeves but all over. Tani's Thermaluxe base layers are 91 percent polyamide and 9 percent good old Lycra, and the polyamide part is nylon, but with a twist: the proprietary Nilit fibers are made from the shells of used coffee beans. The result is a fabric that feels different from the other natural and synthetic options out there, in a good way.

The first thing you notice about the Thermaluxe layers is how they feel, like really nice heavy silk but with the added stretch of Lycra. The weight is like a heavy lightweight, or a light midweight. Construction is very high quality, with seams that don't chafe even our tender, parchment-like skin.

The second thing you notice after you put them on, and that's their cool feel on the skin. Maybe it's the weave or the material, but it's not the instant "I'm a little too warm" feeling you normally get. That will come, but after you've been moving for a little bit. We found the Thermaluxe to be more comfortable over a wider range of temperatures than our other base layers. Also, machine-washable, hang-dry so yay simple.

Wicking seemed to work just fine, and the super-smooth face ensured that insulating layers didn't bind up and make us work any harder than we had to. Another bonus: very little odor retention, always a plus if not for you then for your tent-mates. Be aware that sizing is on the small side. If you like a snug fit, your normal size will probably do the trick, but if you like just a bit of give you might need a size up.

So here's the downside: the price. Almost two-and-a-half men, specifically Benjamins, to go head to toe. That's gotta be a record even with what Patagonia and the high-end wool brands charge. Still, if you're looking for a really luxurious base layer that performs as good as it feels and don't mind a stiff price premium, check out Tani.

$245 at Tani



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