T Mat Pro sport mat

GearFlogger reviews the T Mat Pro sport mat

Sometimes you look at something and think, I don't need that. Microwaves. Cell phones. You know. Then it turns out that you really do need that. Well, OK, you want that.

The T Mat Pro is like that. It's just a 20×29 inch piece of thin neoprene with a nonskid backing. It's just the right size for a little pre-climb/run/surf stretch, and it makes a nice place to lace up your climbing shoes. The original purpose of the T Mat Pro is for triathlon transitions. The bright color really does make it easier to find your bike in the jumble.

Sure, you could cut your own, but the T Mat Pro has some nice touches: an attached elastic loops to roll it up, a white strip to write your name (or if you're a big wall climber to draw a crude picture), and the fact that unlike, say, a piece of closed cell foam the T Mat Pro lies nice and flat.

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