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Gearflogger reviews Swig insulated bottles and cupsListen up gearfloggers, it's come to our attention that some of you actually have mothers, and Mother's Day is coming up fast. And you know what your mother did for you? She gave up alcohol- and maybe even caffeine – for nine months.

You can repay that sacrifice with the Swig lineup of insulated bottles, cups, tumblers, flutes and assorted other drinkware. Start with the 50oz travel bottle, which just coincidentally holds two bottles of wine, or close to a growler if beer is her thing. Contents will stay hot for 24 hours, cold for 48. That's enough for a camping weekend with a couple of friends, so chardonnay away!

Got a mom who nurses her drink longer then she nursed you? Try the Swig stemless wine cup. The 20 and 30oz tumblers are great for coffee, beer and the like; the stock lid doesn't close, but you can order one that does from their website. The best part is you won't have to look far to find your mom's favorite color, because there are approximately six zillion to choose from. OK, maybe not quite that many but there's a lot.

Swig bottles have a very nice finish, are BPA free and are have a few nice design touches: the tumblers fit in standard cup holders, the travel bottle has a very useful handle – hey, two bottles of wine weighs something! – and Swig even has optional handles you can buy if that's your thing. What's that, you want more? Well here's the kicker: you can even order them with mom-specific sayings on the side. Check out the entire lineup, you'll find high-quality vacuum sealed drinkware at reasonable prices.

Various prices at www.swigbyom.com




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