SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool

Gearflogger reviews the SuperVizor XT auto escape toolGetting into the backcountry usually involves a car trip, and the places we want to go are often at the end of some pretty rough roads. It pays to be prepared on the approach, and a few basics in your car will give you the peace of mind to focus on your objective. We like to make sure we have the basics covered: trauma kit, jump starter, fire extinguisher and escape tool are a good start, and all are applicable not just to you and your passengers but to incidents you may happen upon in the course of your travels.

The SuperVizor XT Auto Rescue Tool is a great choice for a combination glass breaker and seat belt cutter. It's made of 440 stainless steel so you know it's not going to fail you when you need it most, something we wonder about with cheaper plastic models. The grip is a nice spacious hole big enough for at least 2-3 fingers, with a rubberized coating and ridges for extra grip. The carbide glass breaker is best applied in the corner of the window, and a swift rap should take care of business.

The SuperVizor XT has two things that set it apart from other auto escape tools: first, it's available with a glow-in-the-dark grip. Bad things happen disproportionately at night and in low visibility, so this is just a good idea. The second feature is the included sheath that secures the tool to your sun visor, so it will be right where you need it. It's always bewildering to see vehicles with safety tools unsecured inside, as if a major impact or rollover isn't going to end up with those potentially life-saving devices just out of reach. If you're going into the backcountry, go prepared, and check out the SuperVizor XT.

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