StormCruiser iPhone case

GearFlogger reviews the StormCruiser iPhone caseWe all know the problem: you're shredding a downhill trail on your gravity bike while watching Titanic on your iPhone. Suddenly you're off the rails trying to land a ten-footer and it crosses your mind that maybe holding the phone in your hand limits your options to control your steed.

No more! The StormCruiser iPhone case comes with a handlebar mount so you can use both your hands while riding and tech-ing, if you must. The StormCruiser case is a quality piece of gear, and though it's not waterproof it should shrug off most everything else. There's even a little rubber plug stored inside the case that you can use to plug the hole at the bottom for the microphone when you're not making booty calls.

The case fixes tight to your bars, you can adjust the angle and a dial locks it in. The screen is very responsive through the clear protective material, and the entire case is fairly compact for what it is designed to do. Inside is a beefy silicone sleeve: be careful, 'cause it can and does come out, and when it does there are two little black plastic blocks behind the volume buttons that are loose and will fall out.

The mount attaches to the bars with two screws, so it's not really designed to come off easily. The case itself snaps into the mount – they're separate in the package – and once snapped in it doesn't appear to be designed to pop off at all. In fact, we still haven't figured out how to do it because there was no manual with the product and it doesn't seem to be downloadable from the manufacturer's web site. The case opens quickly with a snap closure on each side, and you can easily put your bare phone in and take it out. It's kind of a one trick pony, obviously designed to live on your bike, but it does this trick very well. If you want your iPhone on your bike it's a handy case at a reasonable price, the more so if you're using your iPhone on your bike a lot.

$45.85 on Amazon


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