Staruby Collapsible Pet Bowls

Gearflogger reviews the Staruby collapsible pet bowls

Hiking with pets means bringing some kind of container to hold food and water. Ideally it's lightweight, easily attached to a pack and easy to store. The Staruby collapsible pet bowls hit all the right notes.

The inexpensive bowls are BPA free, collapse to about a half-inch thick and come with a carabiner to attach to the outside of a pack. Two colors make it easy to consistently use one for food and one for water, and the size – about 4.5 inches across the top and 3.5 inches across the bottom – are perfect for any size pet, especially since they're deep enough – about 2 inches – to stuff quite a bit of food and water into.

When not being used for hiking, they're easy to attach to your pet go bag – you do have one, don't you? A little emergency food and water plus these bowls will do the trick for dogs, with a small carrier to round things out for cats. You can't beat the price and functionality.

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