Stanley Fubar

Gearflogger reviews the Stanley FubarSometimes you need to wreck something for a good cause. Sometimes that thing that needs to be wrecked requires something bigger than a hammer or that expendable piece of yard art you never liked anyway. In those situations, go big with Stanley's Fubar.

The Fubar is billed as a forcible entry tool for first responders who need to get inside a house or car in extremis. They don't have time to mess around, so they need a heavy object with sharp and blunt surfaces to poke, pry, slash and crush their way in. Stanley has a bewildering array of tools designed to do just that, but we like the Fubar, and not just for the name.

The Fubar comes in two sizes, a handy 18 inch, 6 pound model and a larger 30 inch, 9 pounder. Both feature jaws sized for 2x lumber with a recessed fire hydrant nut wrench, a gas shutoff wrench, nail remover and beveled prybar. Both also feature a hammer head, with the one on the 30 inch model being significantly larger. All the features work intuitively and as designed, and as a bonus both can be used to break glass and rake the windowsill to remove the poky bits that will otherwise slice and dice you as you climb in or the rescue-ee climbs out.

We like the shorter model for our vehicle and the longer one for the house, but it's nice to have a choice between two great tools. One small change we'd like to see is using the grip material from the longer tool on the shorter one. The longer tool grip has better traction, is lower profile and kinder to the hands. We see the need for a harsher grip on the shorter tool since you'll likely have to use more force due to the decreased leverage, but maybe the grips could be made to be interchangeable so you could choose your material. It's a small suggestion to improve an otherwise great set of tools.

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