Spiderbrace Mini-Rig

SpiderbraceNo s**t, there I was, hanging upside down from a leashless ice tool I held in my mouth and a greasy heel hook. I’m working my latest project, tentatively titled I Love Me, which I rate conservatively at Alaska Grade 7, 5.15e, WI 9X, AI 8, M13XXX OMFG.

Don’t believe me? Shame on you, ’cause I caught it all on my camcorder, and the footage is flawlessly stable thanks to my new Spiderbrace Mini-Rig shoulder mount. Sure, you could just quit drinking and bypass the DTs, but where’s the fun in that?

The Spiderbrace stows easily on the side of your pack and weighs under 15oz. If it’s important enough to capture on tape, it’s important enough to do it right and that means stabilization of the camera. As an added bonus you can use it at home and in hotel rooms.

$49.95 at Spiderbrace



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