SOG Toothlock knife

GearFlogger reviews the SOG Toothlock knifeSOG Specialty Knives and Tools has been making fine folding and fixed-blade knives, shoves and other tools for over twenty years. They clearly know what they're doing when they craft a knife, but that hasn't stopped them from innovating and the new Toothlock TK-02 half-serrated design pushes the envelope.

The Toothlock has a glass-reinforced Zytel handle with a high-traction gripping surface. Often knives that try to get too fancy with the ergonomics completely miss the mark, but where others fail the Toothlock succeeds admirably: the handle feels strong and secure in any grip, and you can use the various grip features to make small adjustments to blade angle without losing any control.

The 3.5" satin-polish Japanese VG-10 San Mai blade is also unusual, with parallel lobes that give the Toothlock its toothy appearance. The belly terminates in a strong, thick point, and the blade overall is well-designed to do everything from cutting cord to skinning game to prying and penetrating if the need arrives.

The piston locking mechanism features a "kick start" ambidextrous switch that can be pulled back with the thumb and finger, partially releasing the blade far enough to flick out into a locked position, or to thumb open using the stud. The same switch releases the piston for folding, and the whole design is easily mastered. A reversible low-carry bayonet clip completes the package. At just 3.5 ounces the Toothlock is a beauty of a folder that gives up nothing in utility.

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