Smith Factor D-Max sunglasses

FactorI loved my Smith Buzzsaw shades with interchangeable lenses, but they were phased out some time ago. Enter their replacement, the Smith Factor series, which improve on the Buzzsaws with a nice frameless design.

The Factor comes in three configurations, all with the same frame but progressively larger lenses: the Factor, Factor Max and Factor D-Max. I picked up the D-Max for glacier and alpine use, figuring more is better. It’s a great system, coming standard with four lenses: clear mirror (for biology lab or birth control), yellow (for high contrast Bourne activities: think driving and shooting), RC30 (rose-copper 30% light transmission: preferred for contrast on snow) and polarized brown (for the general cool look).

All in all it’s a great value from Smith. The shades even come with a nice zippered stiffie nylon case, with removable storage for the extra lenses. The only thing they don’t include is a cleaning cloth, so pick one up to protect your investment. Check out prescription lenses too.

$119.00 at REI



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  1. I also go for those interchangeable lenses. If the weather changes, I can still use my favorite frame with different lense. It’s also like you’re saving alot of money, rather than buying different sunglasses for diff. weather and that will fit your outfit.

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