SmartControl Fuel Can

Gearflogger reviews the SmartControl Fuel CanIn the recent 7.0 earthquake here in Southcentral Alaska, we were happy to have on hand a portable generator to maintain heat. But a generator – or for that matter a vehicle or anything else with an internal combustion engine – is not much good unless you can gas it up, so we were also fortunate to have a container with some extra fuel. And not just any container; we have a SmartControl fuel can.

The SmartControl is available in 1, 2 and 5 gallon capacities and is made by Scepter, a company with a ton of experience making containers for marine, military and recreational use. The SmartControl has a number of features that earn it the smart moniker. First is the spout, which makes pouring easy and hassle-free. Just use the heel of your palm to press the child safety lever forward, then squeeze with fingers and palm together to pour. The more you squeeze the more comes out, so you can pour a little or a lot, and you don't have to start your pour until you've got everything lined up. No more sloshing fuel around as you try to get the nozzle down to a fuel tank on a lower level.

The SmartControl is rugged and easy to handle, and exceeds ASTM and CPSC standards. Be aware when filling the SmartControl, it comes equipped with a flame mitigation device – a good thing! – so use a little care when inserting a fueling nozzle into the container. The nozzle has to insert within some plastic guide rails, no big deal as long as you pay attention. If you're looking for a great fuel storage and transfer container, trust the SmartControl to do the job cleanly and safely.

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