Slumberjack Low Cot

Gearflogger reviews the Slumberjack low cotA cot is a handy thing, useful for everything from hosting unexpected house guests to sending with your kid to a friend's house overnight to glamping. Slumberjack has a number of cot options, and we looked at the one with the smallest profile, the Low Cot.

It's called the Low Cot because… well, duh. It sits just six inches off the ground, just enough to get off the cold ground and to get onto and off of easier than a sleeping pad. The Low Cot is a sturdy beast, weighing just over eleven pounds and capable of holding a solid 350 pounds, which translates into you trying to sleep in while a child jumps on your falciform ligament. And yes, that's just as painful as it sounds.

So it's a low, relatively small and lightweight cot that comes in a handy travel case with handle. What's the downside? Snapping those supports into place. Let's just say you need to use your bodyweight to press them into position. And commitment. You need commitment too. And the courage to commit. You get the idea, it's a little work to set up, but once you get the hand of it it's not so bad the next time. The upside is a very solid cot that will put up with some abuse, and one that pitches fairly taut and is comfortable for multiple nights. You may still want a sleeping pad, depending on how firm you like your sleeping surface, but it really is nice to get off the ground, and the Low Cot is a great alternative.

$40.55 (on sale from $69.95) at Slumberjack




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