Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Pack & Pursuit Vest

Gearflogger reviews the Slumberjack Carbine 2500 pack and Pursuit vestSlumberjack has really been on an innovative streak the past few years. Their latest gear to impress us: two load carriers decked out in Kryptek Highlander. Both are part of their Kryptek collection of tactical and hunting equipment.

The Carbine 2500 is a exactly what a hunting pack should be. It's light at 3lbs 11oz but still has a large 2500ci capacity hung off a stout frame that efficiently transfers even heavy loads to a wide and comfortable waist belt on your hips. The organization is simple and efficient: the main compartment is wide open with just a hydration sleeve on the back and another multipurpose divider sleeve on the front. The top lid zips open in a big U for easy access, and there's a zipped flat storage pocket underneath. Need more? There's plenty of lashing points on the exterior, so go crazy.

The two side pockets zip as well, and each encloses an additional open pocket area that's perfect for bipods, spotting scopes, and the like. The front panel has three zipped pockets – one with a dozen ammunition sleeves – and floats so you can stuff layers or other bulky light things in. Best of all, there is a rifle buttstock sleeve in its own little storage compartment at the bottom, so you can vertically carry your rifle safely and securely between the floating lid and the main body of the pack. Another nice touch: the carrying handle has a quick-release buckle so you can quickly secure the pack to the side of a vehicle, boat or tree stand.

The Pursuit vest is one of our favorite things, a versatile vest with lots of storage options that doesn't interfere with a pack or with carrying anything around your waist. The Pursuit has a wide and comfortable yoke around the shoulders, plus two pockets on each front strap and a larger pocket in back with a hydration sleeve.

The back pocket is medium sized for a small hydration bladder and an extra layer of clothing, and three of the front pockets have elastic organizers inside, nice for securing smaller items like lip balm, monoculars, trauma kit items and such. All straps are adjustable across a wide range of sizes, great for multi-season use over varying layers of clothing. It's a great fast and light setup, and it goes easily over a chest holster if you're carrying a firearm in bear country, something we do often here in Alaska.

If you're looking for well-made, well-thought-out tactical and hunting gear that easily does general outdoor duty, check out Slumberjack. Their gear is innovative, high-quality and best of all won't break the bank or your back.

Carbine 2500 pack: $199.95 at Slumberjack
Pursuit vest: $89.95 at Slumberjack




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