Skirt Sports Sweetest Ever long sleeve shirt

GearFlogger reviews the Skirt Sports Sweetest Ever long sleeve shirt

Skirt Sports is a SheFlogger most-favored brand around these parts. The Sweetest Ever long sleeve shirt is just one more greatest hit for them. It's a stretchy, thin-but-not-see-through top that does pretty much everything well.

It's a 75% polyester, 25% lycra piece that can stand on its own or as a base layer, for sport, casual or even dress-up occasions. The Sweetest Ever comes in color patterns and basic black, and the flat seams have just a little bit of contour to them for an hourglass effect. No shoulder seams on the top means you can wear this under a pack, so put it on and get out, where out is… wherever!

$60.00 at Amazon


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