Simply Shredz Premium Dried Pulled Pork

Gearflogger reviews Simply Shredz Pulled PorkBeef jerky has been a trail staple since people invented fire. These days there's no reason to settle for old school jerky when there are so many tastier and healthier alternatives. Simply Shredz adds yet another option that hits all the right notes.

Simply Shredz makes premium dried pulled pork. They start with lean pork that is slow-cooked and marinated before being dehydrated, resulting in a really tasty low-fat high-protein snack that is a perfect pick-me-up on a hard day's hike. Besides having a list of natural ingredients you can actually understand, Simply Shredz isn't high in sodium with only 230mg – that's 10 percent of the American Heart Association's daily recommendation – per one ounce serving.

We tried both flavors and like them both. Even our eight-year-old loved it, although he found the sriracha a little too spicy for his young palate. We tried it in ramen too, and can confirm it's a great addition to any pasta-based freeze-dried food. We also tried it with BBQ sauce and that's just a good combination, especially with some quality rolls to build a slider. If you're looking to wake up your taste buds on the trail, give Simply Shredz a try.

$5.99 at Simply Shredz



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