Sierra Designs Wicked Hot 45 sleeping bag

Wickedhot It's Earth Day, time to remember that green is not just a color for seasick puppies, St. Patrick's Day beer or that stuff in the back of your fridge. It's how companies like Sierra Designs are approaching gear design, and if you're sleeping with Mother Earth you darn well ought to be looking at an eco-sensitive bag like the Wicked Hot 45.

The ultralight 23oz Wicked Hot is, as you might suspect, rated to 45F, perfect for summer outings or a safety bag. It gets there using a bouncy 10oz of PrimaLoft Eco, which combines 50% recycled fibers with the virgin stuff. It stuff down to smaller than a quart bottle, so there's no excuse to leave it at home.

There's no hood on the Wicked Hot, which is fine for the temp rating. It's got straps on the back to keep you on your pad, and a cinch cord around the neck. The best thing is the fully separating zipper that goes all the way around the foot box, so you can use the semi-rectangular Wicked Hot as a comforter. That's no small thing, and makes it even handier to keep around say in the back of your car. Available in regular and long.

$179.99 at Moosejaw


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