Sierra Designs Pyro 15 sleeping bag

GearFlogger reviews the Sierra Designs Pyro 15 sleeping bag The homicidal triad includes three behaviors that together predict one's propensity to grow up to be a serial killer: cruelty to animals, bed wetting and fire starting. Sierra Designs enables at least one, perhaps two and possibly all three of these behaviors with its new Pyro 15 sleeping bag, a lightweight marvel at 2lb 13oz for a size regular and 3lb for size long.

First, bed wetting. The Pyro 15 is clad in a 30D polyester ripstop nylon shell that is both waterproof and breathable, so you can pee in it without compromising the 600 fill down insulation. Second, fire starting. Aside from the obvious reference to the bag's name, SD's Core Comfort Technology doubles the baffles and insulation around the critical torso area for extra warmth where you really need it.

Finally, cruelty to animals. Two words: goose down. But it's OK, the memory of these birds is honored by the EN 13537 test process that certifies the temperature ratings of the Pyro 15: we're talking a comfort limit of 25F for a 132lb woman and 12F for a 176lb man. There's also an extreme rating of -22F. If any of you get around to testing that, let us know.

The Pyro 15 has all the best-in-class features: an external pocket on the back of the hood to put clothes for pillows; straps to secure the bag to a sleeping pad so you don't roll off; dual hang loops on the bottom; a roomy foot box; full length zipper with a draft tube that wraps around the bottom of the hood opening; and a draw cord set up to separately adjust the top and bottom openings on the hood. The Pyro 15 is an awesome bag any way you look at it; the only possible improvement would be to up the fill power on the down, but of course that would also up the very reasonable price of a bag that is a killer value as is.

$249.95 at REI



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