Sherpa Chair

GearFlogger reviews the Sherpa Chair Every backpacker has had this idea at some point. I don't care how granola you think you are, there has been a time or two where at the end of the trail your dogs are barking and you've thought, "why doesn't anyone build a backpack with a chair built in?" Enter the Sherpa Chair.

The Sherpa Chair is mostly chair, with a 480ci pouch on the back. That's 3in deep, 10in tall and 16in across, actually fairly decent sized for a short outing. The Velcro closure is light duty so don't invert or the contents will squirt. There's a bottle holster on one side, big enough literally for a 12oz bottle or can, or even a 20oz bike bottle, but not a quart bottle.

Comfort is as good as any camp chair, which is to say better than standing. Construction is fairly sturdy. I have no idea what the weight rating is but it had no problem handling my CookieFlogging derriere – hey, it's a medical condition: HAS (holiday ass syndrome). Plenty of straps to adjust the seat, and it sets up in all of three seconds. For a fairly inexpensive camp chair the Sherpa Chair is sturdy, packs easily and carries a bit of kit. Nicely done.

$24.99 at Amazon 



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