Scepter 5 Gallon Water Can

Gearflogger reviews the Scepter 5 gallon water canSometimes you just need to bring it with you. Liquid, that is: gasoline, water, beer, whatever it is, look to Scepter to have a container for it. Scepter jerry cans – jerry as in Germans, who pioneered the use of these cans on military vehicles in the Second World War  – are still in use by militaries the world over. They have plenty of civilian uses too, wherever you need a rugged container built to stand up to major abuse.

The Scepter 5 gallon (20 litre) water can is made of BPA free, food grade plastic and is tough as nails. It's exactly in the standard 5 gallon dimensions so you can use an compatible carry system, like our favorite the MORryde side-mount tray on our Jeep JKU. 

Available in sand, black or green the can is clearly marked WATER to avoid any unfortunate confusion. The large filling cap has a smaller pour cap and breathing hole cap so you can control pouring into canteens and other small containers. The handle is comfortable, which is good because five gallons of water weighs about 42 pounds, so hit those weights! The bottom of the can has a wavy design that's nice because it gives you some room to run straps around the can without having to lift it.

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