Scarpa Rush Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

Every once in a while – OK, all the time, sometimes multiple times a day, we’re Gearfloggers after all – we strap on a new piece of gear. Much less frequently do we start getting admiring comments as soon as people see it. That was the case with the Scarpa Rush Mid GTX hiking shoe, which fortunately – spoiler alert – performs every bit as good as it looks. We wrung it out all summer, including a brutal all-day ridge run, and it brought what was left of our legs back without breaking a sweat itself.

The Rush comes in two two-tone colors, a fashion-forward blue/fiesta, pictured here, and a more subdued black/ottanio. Ottanio is Italian for teal, and yes we had to look that up, tragically we are not that hip.

So we have established that the Rush is visually appealing, what else? Well how about a more planet-friendly construction? The various materials used in the Rush are partly or wholly recycled, from 29% (mesh) to 100% (lining and lacing). The plastic used in the midsole has the EcoPure additive to cause it to biodegrade when you eventually wear it out. Which you will eventually do, because the Rush is so darn comfortable to strap on you’ll want to wear it for everything all the time.

Also, those laces… we love us a flat lace for extra comfort and holding power, but Scarpa gave us a little bit extra with laces that have racing stripes on the side, and they lock securely into the two pairs of lugs on top. Not quite sharks with frickin’ lasers, but it just adds to the visual impact of the shoe. The traction lugs are awesome too – aggressive with plenty of space for clearing mud, dirt and snow. The running-inspired frame is stiff and responsive while still being crazy comfortable, and there is a little bit of rocker for you fast-movers out there. 

The GTX means – you guessed it – GORE-TEX construction, and that means just what you think as well: outstanding breathability and bomber waterproofing. The Rush really is a go-to quiver-of-one shoe for just about any conditions. Overall we rate the Scarpa Rush Mid GTX as a superb shoe and our favorite light hiker.

$199.99 at Scarpa



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