Salt Life Sunglasses

Gearflogger reviews Salt Life sunglassesSpring is sprung, and with it longer days and glorious, blinding sunlight. Protecting the old Mark I Eyeball is always a priority regardless of season, and no one knows better than us how frustrating it can be to find a decent pair of sunglasses. Salt Life has a number of options that look and perform great.

We tested a few models, including the men's Cortez and South Port, as well as the women's Bal Harbour. What they all had in common were smooth, functional and damn good looking Italian designs and high quality, crystal clear German Zeiss polarized lenses. Salt Life really dialed in both form and function on these shades, and you're getting every bit of what you pay for.

The lenses make colors pop, and the clarity is exceptional. We spent three days at an outdoor tactical shooting course, and after 1,000 rounds downrange in conditions ranging from rain to shine, Salt Life sunglasses kept us on target. The Cortez is a versatile design that does everything well. If you're in need of even more coverage, the South Port can easily pull snow, ice and water duty. Color us enamored: Salt Life optics are our go-to glass.

From $149.99 at Cabela's



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