Sage Kanektok Half-Zip Shirt

GearFlogger reviews the Sage Kanektok half-zip shirtWhat's this? Dogs and cats sleeping together in unholy matrimony! If it's wrong to wear a wool-synthetic blend, why oh why does it feel so good? We've always thought of Sage as making apparel for the apparently motionless pursuit of fly fishing. Turns out they've got one of the most innovative top layers out there.

The Kanektok is made from 30 percent wool on the exterior, blended with Polartec Power Dry, one of our favorite fabrics for cool weather, highly aerobic activities. Sage has created a piece with the best qualities of both. If you like the extra tactile hand of wool, the ability to not retain odors, or just the look of it, you'll love the face of the Kanektok. Yet the inside is soft synthetic that slides right on and feels perfect next to skin.

The performance is all Power Dry. The Kanektok breathes and wicks with aplomb. The sizing is fitted, e.g. snug but not tight for the size, the way it should be for a base layer. The mock turtleneck rises just the right amount, and the cuffs stay flat under gloves. There is a single zipped chest pocket just large enough for a phone or small wallet. And the best part: machine washable, with no appreciable shrinkage.

Overall the Kanektok is a solid step up in quality and a fresh take on pullovers. It's stylish enough to wear at the office, with your choice of three very cool colors, but it really wants to go out and play hard in the nasty stuff.

$125.00 at Sage


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