Safego Portable Lockbox

Gearflogger reviews the Safego portable safe

OK, so this is cool: a lightweight, easily portable lockbox with a cable for securing to any immovable object. The Safego is a great way to play in the surf while your wallet and smartphone are secured from casual grab-and-go theft.

The Safego is just big enough for a plus-sized iPhone… wait, let me put this in dimensions both you and I can easily understand. It fits two pint-sized beer cans with a little room to spare, got it? Once you've got your stuff inside, just loop the cable around anything with a diameter of about six inches or so and you're good to go.

The Safego has a 3-digit combination lock with an easy way to set your own code, and it also comes with two keys on a flexible wristband that can be used independently of the combo lock. It's really a nifty design, simple and effective.

The Safego is not waterproof, and it's not designed to be left alone for any period of time. Anything can be broken into with enough time and the right tools. What the Safego will let you do is be in the general vicinity with a line of sight to your stuff, while preventing a grab-and-go type of theft. It's perfect for the beach, campsites, bike racks, playgrounds and the like. And it's available in four colors, so what are you waiting for?

$39.95 at Amazon


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