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Gearflogger reviews Runderwear underwearYou are a busy person. You do not have time for things like checkout aisles, oil changes or seams in your underwear. So you have your food delivered, you don't own a car, and you tried going commando but let's just say that didn't work out so well. On that front Runderwear has you covered. Parts of you anyway. The good parts, with a 360 degree seamless design.

We tried two different pairs of men's Runderwear, the synthetic boxer briefs and merino wool/synthetic briefs. Bottom line up front, Runderwear rocks. The seamless design really does feel better, and the more you move the better it feels, to the point where your old underwear with seams seems positively primitive. Both types of Runderwear do away with the fly in front, which in our not-so-humble opinion is long overdue. Nobody uses that thing anyway, certain misguided writers at GQ notwithstanding: it's an over-the-fence world, none of that through-the-gate nonsense here.

Both the synthetic and wool/synthetic Runderwear fit close, as they're intended for active use. This isn't an issue, because both types have great stretch, and the close fit translates into great support as well. They also wash and wear well over time, and don't seem to have a problem resisting odor. We tested this by not changing our Runderwear for long periods of time. To be fair, we test all our underwear this way. All our clothing, in fact. If a piece of clothing hasn't been through a full wake/sleep/wake/sleep/wake cycle, it really hasn't been worn at all. The Sheflogger has a slightly different opinion, but she didn't write this review, so you don't get to read it.

The only quibble we have is that on the full synthetic pair, the waistband is a bit floppy, but this proved a minor annoyance at most because the material is just so darn comfortable. The best part is that the price is in line with other performance underwear, so at the end of the day why not treat yourself to some great underwear?

Boxer briefs $28.00 at Amazon
Merino briefs out-of-stock but keep looking!


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