Royal Robbins Shadowquilt Jacket

Gearflogger reviews the Royal Robbins Shadowquilt jacketOK, it's still summer and still hot as snot – that would be 98 degrees, we think? – all over, so maybe it's a little early to be thinking about insulation layers. Here in Alaska, however, the saying is, "if you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes." A recent 90-minute hike in the Chugach had us starting in cool weather, stripping off everything when the sun came out, then putting it all back on and then some when cold, wet mist rolled in and the wind picked up near the summit.

For lightweight warmth we appreciated the Royal Robbins Shadowquilt jacket, a quilted, hoodless design that works equally well about town or on a wind-blown mountain saddle, while wondering if you would be convicted for murdering a close relative who just ate the last chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. Not that we ever had such an urge, or that if we did we would ever act on it, but everyone has a breaking point…

The Shadowquilt has two zipped hand pockets and a horizontally-zipped chest pocket, as well as a full-length zipper flap and stretch panels down the sides. It's a little heavy for pure backcountry use, but it's designed more for about-town mountain lifestyle and for that and similar activities it works quite well. The Shadowquilt will keep you warm while you have your early-morning cup of coffee at the campground, can fill in to deal with inclement weather on an impromptu hike, and travels well to boot. If you're looking for a business-casual companion jacket with the ability to get a little frisky, check out the Shadowquilt.

$140.00 at Royal Robbins



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