Rollerblade Spitfire XT Kids Inline Skates

Gearflogger reviews the Rollerblade Spitfire XT kids inline skates (1)Inline skates are great, and its no mystery that we're big fans of Rollerblade. Even if inline skating is not as hugely popular as it used to be (like a lot of sports), it's still fun in its own right and proven effective training for ice skating, skate skiing and other sports and activities based on similar movement patterns.

But what about the little floggers? It's a pain to buy them new footwear every year as they consistently convert hot dogs and mac and cheese into larger feet. Rollerblade to the rescue, with the adjustable Spitfire XT kids inline skates. The Spitfire comes in three macro sizes, each of which adjusts to a range of toddler shoe sizes: 2 to 5 (this size only has 3 wheels), 5 to 8 and 11 to 1. That's FOUR full sizes. Every parent who has ever bought kids shoes will know immediately what a big deal this is.

The skates are built to the usual Rollerblade quality level, which is very high. Padding is comfortable, and the fit is secure with a combination of laces, buckles and velcro. The right skate has a very beefy brake, which is good because the combination of 72mm wheels and SG3 bearings make the skate as fast as your kid wants it to be. Our five year old was fascinated by the whole process, and since we're putting him on ice skates in the winter (Winter is coming!) we're thrilled as well at the prospect of year-round skate practice.

Older kids will have no problem putting the Spitfire on, while younger ones will need a hand with the closures. Once up and running – with helmet and pads, for the love of Spock! – your kid can progress from garage to street to trail, and the Spitfire XT will keep up with their growth for years. All in all, the price of entry here for a fun and useful sport is exceedingly reasonable.

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