RESQME Car Escape Tool

Gearflogger reviews the ResQMe car escape tool

You remember that whole "ounce of prevention" thing? Well, here it is in a three-pack. The RESQME keychain car escape tool should find a home on your keychain or attached somewhere handy in your car where it won't fly into a crevice during a rollover or high-impact situation.

It's pretty simple: three colorful tools small enough to fit on a keychain, each capable of cutting a seatbelt or breaking a window with the spring-loaded glass breaker. The cutter definitely works, and the glass breaker does too but with sometimes a few tries.

The three-pack includes a visor clip, although you might want a more reliable mount in case of impact. The RESQME is not just for you; it could help if you come upon a vehicle in distress as well. We've attached one to the car seat of our seven year old, to hopefully begin instilling a sense of self-sufficiency and preparedness in him. We'll deal with the incidental paranoia later in therapy.

Seriously though, it's a cheap bit of kit for peace of mind on the road. At less than $9 apiece put one in you and your significant other's cars and give the third to a friend or relative.

$26.95 at Amazon



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