REI Power Stretch tights

PowerstretchbWhy, oh why do they have to call them tights? I am not a caped crusader and the a**holes I climb with will just use the name to make merciless fun of me.

Fine, I’ll suck it up and own it. The REI Power Stretch tights bottoms are pure pleasure on my fish-belly white bum. They move, breathe and yet provide enough insulation power that they are my heaviest base layer on the big mountains.

The inner or bum-side face is wicking and fleecy, while the outer or non-bum-side face is smooth to repel snow, cat hair and potential girlfriends. Itty-bitty zippered pocket included, as is "anti-microbial finish." My microbes are the size of rats, though, so good luck with that.

$49.99 (on sale from $69.50) at REI


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