REI Davos jacket

DavosAh, Davos! First, host to the annual world economic forum, now namesake to 18oz. of DWR-covered 700-fill down goodness for women. How proud the denizens of this humble Swiss burgh must be.

The REI Davos jacket is stylish without being overly quilted, which is good since too much stitching = less down = more cold spots. It has a tailored fit, integral hood, and the inside pocket features the now-requisite "headphone portal," also known as a "hole." The jacket has less insulation under the arms and on the sides, and in practice this piece layers well under a slightly oversized shell.

Overall our female tested loved the Davos. She wore it from mountain to bubble-filled all-night dance party – oops, wait, private fantasy! The only complaint is the zipper pull, which instead of being flat is more chunky for easier grabbability. It works great, but the plastic pull broke off under normal use. The zipper itself was still usable, however it would be nice to see that component refined for durability.

$109.83 (on sale from $149) at REI


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