REI All Season gloves

Allseason_1Someone gave me a gift certificate to REI, and in a fit of gear porn consumption I picked up these gloves so I would have a matching ensemble with my REI Power Stretch top and bottom. So spank me.

These have the same great insulation, breathability and flexibility as the other Polartec items, and one additional bonus feature: they are made from Polartec Wind Pro Hardface so they are durable, windproof and highly water resistant, not to mention like any good synthetic they retain significant warmth when wet.

Two minor quibbles: first, the raised silicone pattern on the palm and fingers does not do a good job of adding traction, and as a result they feel a little skittish on a steering wheel or an ice tool. Second, the stitching on the inside is a little rough, although in actual use it’s not bad enough to present any problems. All in all a great glove for cold weather activities like hiking, running or snowshoeing, or for service as a nice liner medium-weight glove.

$28.00 at REI




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