REI Schwag Pockets

Review of REI Schwagpockets A tent is like a garage. It's a place for your stuff. And stuff has to be organized, lest you roll your lardy posterior on top of your sunglasses. Tents come with all sorts of pockets these days, but it's always possible to use a couple more. Hence: REI Schwag Pockets.

These things have become indispensable tentmates. Their plastic hooks are just big enough to fit around most tentpoles so you can place them where they're most convenient. They're sized to fit a quart bottle, which means cameras, goggles, sunglasses, headlamps and all manner of other necessities fit easily and are kept handy and safe. They're mesh on one side so you can see the contents. And the cream on top: they've got a wire stiffener around the opening to keep it open for easy one-handed access.

It gets better: they're cheap, they come in a two-pack so you don't have to fight – and get your butt kicked by – the SheFlogger, and they weigh a single ounce for the pair. Just leave them in your tent when you roll it up. The REI Schwag Pockets are a dead-simple piece of gear that simply couldn't be better. Great stocking stuffer.

$8.50 at REI


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